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NE Mississippi Connections


L-R: Samantha (descendant of Rufus), Daisy (descendant of Jim), Terry (descendant of Decie)

Terry Powell and Samantha Morrison-Jones are fellow Tishomingo descendants and cousins on the Morrison/Robinson branch. We have several ancestors with ties to modern day Tishomingo County and 'Old Tishomingo' County which comprises the modern day area of Corinth, Mississippi,

Despite being 2nd cousins (1x removed), we did not meet until 2011. Soon after connecting, we joined forces to rekindle the research that Terry and other descendants started in the 1980's. We made strides using new technology and records but still continued to hit brick walls for many ancestors. So we coordinated a group of cousins (including ourselves) to do the ancestry DNA testing in 2014 and many of our brick walls came tumbling down! Click here to view a timeline of the journey.

We have now identified and connected with hundreds of cousins who also descend from our identified ancestors. Many of those cousins have also done ancestry DNA testing and we continue to make discoveries that our ancestors couldn't even have dreamt of. Despite many discoveries, we realize that we're just beginning to uncover deeper connections that we once thought were lost to us forever.

Therefore we know how important it is to continue to work together and collaborate with others to break down our remaining brick walls.

L-R: Rufus Morrison, Jim Morrison, Decie Morrison (with her son Rufus Powell). 
Their father is Daniel Morrison and their mother is Tishie Robinson.

Siblings (Jim, Rufus, and Decie) along with their descendants married into the following families connected to Tishomingo:
Alexander,  Anderson, Burgess, Hodges, Lawhorn, Lunceford, Luster, Mann, Martin, Patterson, Powell, Southward, Walker, Warren.