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What ancestry DNA test should I take?

It’s a question I often get. My answer is that everyone should start out with a test from the site. The best time to get one is during one of their very frequent sales when tests are usually 40% off. Each time there is a sale on the ancestry site the tests are also available at the reduced price on and It is the exact same seller (, the same reduced sale price, but you Amazon and Walmart offer free shipping. I’ll give you all the reasons (below) on why you should choose their test. But before I get to that, I want to touch on something else first. Ordering and taking a test is the first step. Consumer ancestry DNA tests connect you with thousands of DNA matches; your matches are your family members, close and distant. Many of them are avid researchers in their own right, looking to collaborate with their matches to break down persistent brick walls. Therefore, once your results are in, I implore you, please continue with the remaining