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Legacy Reclaimed Project

Project Statistics on 100% African test-takers in the project (statistics forthcoming on Black American project members):

Project Goals:
1. Show descendants of both enslaved ancestors and 100% Africans how to identify the Y-DNA haplogroups of their ancestors.
2. Increase the number of men taking Y-DNA tests so descendants can identify ancestors and connect ancestors where there is no paper trail.
Expand testing by:
    A. Recruiting more men 
(Black American & African descent) to participate in yDNA testing.
    B. Recruit family members to test to determine which branches people match them on.
3. Teach others how to find their 100% African matches and use tools and methods to determine how those matches (and their other matches) likely connect to them.
4. Make it easier for descendants of enslaved ancestors to identify their 100% African matches.

We are recruiting more people to test on atDNA ( test) and yDNA (FamilyTreeDNA tests). To see if you qualify for a subsidized or free test, please contact me at

If you have tested:
Join our project on gedmatch. Look for us in the Ancestors Projects under Legacy Reclaimed
Join our project on

Do you manage a DNA test for a male (who carries yDNA) who is 100% African or who descends from an enslaved male ancestor on his patrilineal line? Use the tool to determine his yDNA haplogroup for free. Click here for a video on how to use the tool.

Once you receive the prediction, submit the haplogroup and ancestor information into the form at the bottom of the page to find and connect with others who share the same yDNA haplogroup.

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